100W Folding Solar Panel 12V

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100W Folding 12V Solar Panel

100W Folding 12V Solar Panel

  • Use This Solar Panel to Charge Your Lion Energy Solar Generator
  • High Efficiency Solar Cells
  • Average Output throughout the Day: 71W
  • 20-Year Life Expectancy
  • Durable Construction Is Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Anti-corrosive double-walled structural aluminum housing
  • Photovoltaic cells cased in air-tight tempered glass
  • Adapter Cord Snugly Stows in Folded Unit

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100W Folding 12V Solar Panel

100W Folding 12V Solar Panel

  • The 12 Volt 100W Folding Solar Panel captures the energy of the sun, and is the source of Solar Power that is stored in your Lion Energy Solar Generator.
  • Our 100 Watt Folding Solar Panel uses high efficiency solar cells constructed from quality silicon material for high module conversion efficiency and long term output stability and reliability.
  • Solar Panel folds in half for easy handling, and for saving space. Latches on the side keep folded unit securely closed.
  • Easy-grip handle makes transporting the folded panel easy for just about anyone.
  • Includes built-in connectors that attach to your solar generator, or can be used to "daisy-chain" up to three solar panels together.
  • Connectors conveniently store inside the back of the folded panel when not in use.
  • Solar Panel has folding legs that pivot out from the back of the panel to easily prop the unit at an angle to capture sunlight.
  • The Folding Panels are virtually maintenance free, and are made of double-walled corrosion-resistant aluminum. They are extremely durable, and won't rust or bend in the wind.
  • Solar Cells Are Rated for a Service Life of 20 Years.
  • Use these Solar Panel(s) to charge your Lion Energy Generator.
  • These panels can also be used to charge Humless Sentinel or Humless Roadrunner Solar Generators. May require cable adapters, depending on the unit you intend to charge.
100W Folding Solar Panel Front
100W Folding Solar Panel Rear

Packaging Info

  • Folded Dimensions: 26.5" x 21" x 2.5"
  • Un-Folded Dimensions: 26.5" x 42" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
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