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Lindon Farms ~ A New Way of Thinking
About Emergency Food Storage

The Lindon Farms Difference

Lindon Farms was founded in April of 2007, in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. They have created partnerships with suppliers of the best survival & emergency preparedness products available.

While many other food storage brands simply "relabel" food storage products, Lindon Farms produces all of their meals in their own facility. The result is higher quality products, more variety, and timely shipping.

Lindon Farms is a Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. Quality long term food storage straight from the manufacturer to your door.

Wide Variety of Gourmet Meals

Lindon Farms' gourmet chef developed award-winning entrees using recipes passed down through four generations of European immigrants who brought their old-world recipes to the Wasatch Mountain region of Utah.

Only the highest quality ingredients and freshest fruits & vegetables are used to bring you truly satisfying, 'just-add-water' gourmet meals.

Lindon Farms offers a wide variety of food storage meal choices, and their meals are great tasting, too! Your whole family will love having these delicious flavorful meals on hand. Rely on them in an emergency, or enjoy them every day!

Important Factors for Long-Term Food Storage

Is the Food Suitable for Long Term Storage?

Ensure that the food ingredients are suitable for long-term shelf life. Many foods are well-suited for long-term food storage; others simply are not.

Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated?

Lindon Farms uses a combination of freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients. In some cases freeze-drying is ideal, in other cases dehydration is the better method. See our article on freeze drying vs. dehydrating for more information on which method is most appropriate for which types of foods.


Storing your food in a cool, dry location is best for long-term food storage. We suggest that you keep your food storage items at or below room temperature as much as possible.


Packaging of the product is critical to prolonged shelf life. The packaging must create an effective barrier against oxygen, moisture, light, and insects & critters.

Lindon Farm's convenient stackable buckets, combined with their resealable MetaLite™ pouches, provide an ideal long-term storage solution.

Additionally, Lindon Farms includes an oxygen absorber in every meal pouch. Oxygen absorbers remove any residual oxygen from the pouch after it's sealed, extending the shelf life of the food. Meal pouches with oxygen absorbers have an effective shelf life of upwards of twenty years. Simply stated, a nitrogen flush is not sufficient for long-term shelf life. Be wary of companies who claim long-term shelf life when an oxygen absorber is not used.

Lindon Farms Emergency Food Storage ~ A New Way of Thinking

Lindon Farms Food Storage begins with state-of-the-art blending of the best foods available.

The result is tasty and nutritious meals that are simple to prepare and easy to store.

Lindon Farms' products can be stored for up to 25 years if stored in a dry, cool environment.

Use for Family Emergencies, Camping, Hunting & Fishing, Natural Disasters. Lindon Farms is also an excellent value for everyday meals!

The Lindon Farms™ Mission

Leave no home unprepared.
Provide superior emergency products at affordable prices.
Have a serious impact on helping homes, communities, states, and nations prepare for emergencies.
Create a business model that will allow any family or individual the ability to participate in a readiness plan.
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