Criminals Prefer Defenseless Victims

Criminals Prefer Defenseless Victims ... Don't Be One!

Some Sobering Statistics

Each year, 400 out of every 100,000 people are the defenseless victims of a violent crime. That's a 4 in 1000 probability. Every year.

Statistically, your chances of being involved in a violent encounter are about 1 in 250. If you know 250 people (and most of us do), one of you is likely to be the victim of a violent crime this year. Victims of stalkers are even more prevalent: 1 in 100.

Each year, legally armed citizens use defensive weapons to prevent between 800,000 and 2.5 million violent crimes from happening.

You won't often see these stories that feature NON- Defenseless Victims (who actually fought back) on the evening news: there's not enough tragedy or drama to bother with reporting. They are "non-stories" to the mainstream media. (Hmmm, even the media seems to prefer defenseless victims!)

But to the survivors of the attack, these are the real-life stories of their survival!

Some Good News

The good new is, violent crime is on the decline, and has been going down for 15 years or more.

That is not not because cops have gotten better ... or that criminals have gotten religion. It's because more and more people have made the decision to be responsible for their own personal protection.

In the last few years, handgun sales have skyrocketed. Nearly every State in the Union now has a form of legalized concealed carry, and more CCW permits have been issued than ever before. Sales of stun-guns and pepper-spray are at an all-time high.

Criminals despise this. They abhor an armed citizenry. They detest people who are alert and aware of their surroundings. They don't like being noticed, and they can't stand the possibility that one of their intended victims might just fight back. And win.

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