Legacy Foods Black Friday Sale!

Legacy Premium Foods

Save 25%

On Legacy Food Products

Use Coupon Code

Save 25%

On Legacy Food Products

Use Coupon Code

HUGE Black Friday Sale!

Stock Up Now and SAVE


11/21 thru 11/30

Use Coupon Code Legacy‑Black‑Friday

Legacy Foods Black Friday Sale

It's HUGE! It's Ginormous!! It's Indescribable!!

Well, I kinda lied. Legacy Foods Black Friday Sale is actually quite describable.

In fact, I'll go ahead and describe it right now.

We're offering 25% off any and all Legacy Foods products. (Except one: we'll talk about that in a moment. And it's really awesome too!)

So go ahead, fill your cart with the best emergency and survival food on the market.

Then, enter the coupon code Legacy-Black-Friday at checkout, and watch the savings start happening!

We'll take 25% off your entire Legacy Foods order.

I can't think of a better way to get started stocking up on your emergency food supply.

And not only will you enjoy the 25% savings, your whole family will enjoy the best tasting, most nutritious, non-GMO meals to be found in the entire food storage industry. Legacy Foods provides more food per serving than any other food storage company.

That means you and your family get more food – and more nutritious calories – for your dollar with Legacy than with any other food storage brand.

Earlier, I mentioned that this sale applies to all Legacy Food products, except one. Well, this one is really special!

For the duration of this sale – Nov. 21 thru Nov. 30, 2017 – we are offering our popular Legacy Premium 60 Serving Bucket at a ridiculously low price: only $99!

The MSRP for this is $199. Our regular low price is $175. But for this sale, we're offering this 60 Serving Bucket for $99. That's half off the MSRP, and a 76% savings off our regular low price.

So now is the perfect time to snag a couple of these handy buckets (while they last).

Each 60 Serving Bucket contains 10 Entree Varieties, and 4 Breakfast Varieties. The 60 Serving Bucket will provide one person 12 days of food, with enough nutrition to supply 2000 calories each day.

So, don't let time run out ... head over to our store and take advantage of this sale.

Legacy Premium 60 Servings Bucket
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