Self-Defense Training

The Right Self-Defense Training & Gear
Might Just Save Your Life

When Seconds Count
And Help Is Minutes Away

Self-Defense Training and  Bad Guy w/ Knife

The Right Gear & Training
Might Just Save Your Life.

'Chances Are'
This Will Never Happen to You

You'll Probably Never Find Yourself Face To Face with an Armed Attacker Who Is Intent on Doing You Harm

But If It Ever Does

That Is Not the Time to Be Thinking:
"I Can't Believe This Is Happening And I Don't Know What To Do"

Now Is the Time

For You, Your Family and Your Loved Ones to Get the Tools and the Self-Defense Training That You Can Use to Survive a Deadly Encounter

Be Prepared ~ Have A Plan ~ Your Life Could Depend On It

Refuse to Be a Victim!

Here are a few statistics, to give you a perspective:

Every year, on average in the U.S., some of the risks you face include:

HOUSE FIRES: 362,100 Fires; 13,275 injuries, and over 2,500 deaths. (900 house fires were caused by misuse of those pesky turkey fryers, accounting for five deaths and sixty injuries.)

TORNADOES: Averages 60 fatalities per year.

HURRICANES: 16 fatalities per year.

FLOODS: 127 fatalities per year.

DROWNING: 3,533 fatal drownings (unintentional) -- about ten deaths per day.

SNAKE BITE: About 7-8,000 snake bites are reported per year, resulting in 5 to 6 fatalities.

BUCKETS: 20 children drown in buckets every year.

LADDER FALLS: 300 fatalities; 100,000 injuries.

LIGHTNING: 360 strikes; 40 fatalities.

LOTTERY WINNERS: Every year, 1500 people win at least $1 Million. That's three or four million-dollar winners every day. Play More.

TRAIN CRASHES: 5,800 vehicle-train crashes each year; 600 deaths; 2300 injuries.

MOTOR VEHICLES: 10.8 million vehicle crashes, 35,000 fatalities.


1.2 Million Violent Crimes in 2010.
That is over 3400 per day.


3.4 Million Victims of Stalkers.
That's about 1% of our population.

Those violent crimes include:

14,748 Murders
84,767 Rapes

367,832 Robberies
778,901 Aggravated Assaults

Additionally, there were over Two Million Burglaries reported in 2010. (2,159,878). Burglaries are not considered 'violent crimes' because a burglary occurs when no one is home, unlike a robbery which happens directly to a person.

These sobering statistics mean that your chances of being the victim of a violent crime are greater than you may think.

About 400 out of every 100,000 people will be involved in a violent crime each year. That's a 4 in 1000 probability. Every Year.

If you know 250 people (and most of us do), one of you is likely to be the victim of a violent crime this year. That's a 1 in 250 chance.

Victims of Stalkers are even more prevalent: about 1 in 100.

Defensive Gun Uses (DGUs)

Each year, legally armed citizens use their weapon to PREVENT between 800,000 and 2.5 million violent crimes from happening.

This does not mean that shots are always fired. Sometimes simply presenting a gun will ward off an attacker, making him think twice about his choice of potential victim.

Because many Defensive Gun Uses go unreported, these figures are estimates based on studies taken over the last few decades. The range is broad, and the actual number of annual DGUs will fall between the low number (reported incidents) and the higher estimation. Even if the lower number is accurate, the figures are enlightening.

These Statistics Are Real And The Evidence Is Clear:

Criminals Prefer Unarmed Victims.

Bad Guys Detest Armed Citizens – We Make Their Jobs So Much Harder!

Be Prepared ~ Have A Plan

Refuse to Be a Victim!

We Can Help

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