InstaFire Charcoal Starter 18 Pouches


InstaFire Charcoal Starter 18 Pouches

InstaFire Charcoal Starter 18 Pouches

  • Easy to Use ~ Easy to Light
  • The Quickest, Easiest & Safest Way to Light Your Charcoal Grill
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Vapors
  • Burns in Wind, Rain, Sleet and Snow
  • Non-Combustible ~ No Risk of Unexpected Fires or Flare-ups
  • Safely Stores Near Food
  • Long Shelf Life with No Degradation or Leeching of Fuel
  • 18 Pouches Will Light up to 72 Fires, Using 1/2-Cup per Fire

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InstaFire Charcoal Starter 18 Pouches

InstaFire Is the Quickest, Easiest & Safest Way to Light Your Charcoal Grill!

Our Charcoal Fire Starter 18-Pack is perfect for outdoor grilling to have hot briquettes in minutes. There is no more need for lighter fluid. InstaFire “charcoal starter” is an all natural solution to lighting charcoal safely, as you SIMPLY LIGHT THE POUCH!

The pouch itself is made from a burnable non-toxic material called cellulose consisting of wood pulp and corn sugar. Light both sides of the pouch and watch the magic happen. It's lightweight at only 2.2 oz and is portable, and easy to use.

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