Lindon Farms Food Storage 90 Servings

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Lindon Farms Food Storage 90 Servings

90 Servings Package ~ Complete Meals Kit

  • 7 2,000-Calorie Days
  • 1 Week Food Supply for One Person
  • 14,000 Total Calories ~ 2,000 Calories per Day
  • 90 Total Servings
  • 9 Varieties
  • 4-Gallon Rugged, Stackable Bucket
  • Meals Packaged in MetaLite™ Zip-Seal Pouches
  • Oxygen Absorber Included in Each Pouch
  • 20 Year Shelf Life

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Lindon Farms Food Storage 90 Servings

1 Week Emergency Food Supply

  • Provides 14,000 Total Calories
  • Number of 2000-Calorie Days: 7
  • Avg. Calories per Serving: 155.56
  • 12 Servings per Day = 2,000 Calories
  • One Person: 1 Week Supply

Packaging & Shipping Info

  • 1 Resealable Bucket
  • Servings Packaged in MetaLite™ Zip-Seal Pouches
  • Oxygen Absorber in Every Pouch
  • Bucket Dimensions: 13" L x 10" D x 14" H
  • Product Net Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Bucket Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Total Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.

Lindon Farms 90 Serving Food Package

We can't always predict what will happen. Mother Nature, a rising debt crisis, and an unreliable economy certainly keep us on our toes...and that's just the short list. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by being proactive and best prepared for crisis as possible.

Lindon Farms™ has pioneered the all-in-one food storage variety kits to help make getting prepared easy. This 90 Serving Kit will provide 1 person with 2,000 calories/day of hearty meals for 7 days. With a shelf life up to 25 years you can put this away in a cool dry place and have the peace of mind that you have one of the life saving essentials taken care of.

The 90 Serving Kit is also great for camping and hunting trips where a lightweight high quality meal goes a long way.

9 Varieties:

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Lindon Farms regular rolled oats
Old Fashioned Oatmeal

10 Servings

Lindon Farms Polenta
Italian Polenta

10 Servings

Lindon Farms Rice Pudding
Cinnamon Rice Pudding

10 Servings


Lindon Farms cheddar broccoli soup
Cheddar Broccoli Soup

10 Servings

Lindon Farms red beans and rice
Red Beans & Rice

10 Servings

Lindon Farms hearty potato soup
Hearty Potato Soup

10 Servings


Lindon Farms western chili
Western Chili

10 Servings

Lindon Farms chicken flavored vegetable stew
Chicken Flavored Vegetable Stew

10 Servings

Lindon Farms beef flavored vegetable stew
Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew

10 Servings

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