Streetwise SamStun 6M Stun Gun Cell Phone (Black)


Streetwise SamStun 6M Stun Gun Cell Phone (Black)

  • Powerful Stun Gun Disguised as a Smart Phone
  • Bright LED Flashlight Built-In
  • Slim Design for Convenient Easy Carry
  • AC Charging Adapter with Charge-Status Indicator
  • Deluxe Holster with Belt Clip
  • Wrist Lanyard with Disable Pin
  • Flat-Head Disable Override Plug
  • Lifetime Warranty from Streetwise

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Streetwise SamStun 6M Stun Gun Cell Phone (Black)

Streetwise SamStun 6M Stun Gun Cell Phone B;ack

The Most Realistic Cell Phone Stun Gun Available Today!

Most other cell phone stun guns are chunky, bulky, and look like cell phones that were popular five or ten years ago. The Streetwise SamStun 6M really looks like a modern-day smart phone.

Streetwise Top Gun Badge

Because of its outstanding quality and power, this great stun gun cell phone has been awarded Streetwise' "Top Gun" Award."

Its slim-line profile is compact, convenient, and realistic.

Since it's from Streetwise, you can be assured it has plenty of power to stop any attacker right in his tracks. At the first sign of danger, simply pretend to make a call with your SamStun 6M. Any would-be attacker who gets too close, will soon get the message you're sending: You Will Not Be A Victim!

Touching an attacker with this stun gun for 3 to 5 seconds delivers a high-voltage shock, causing loss of balance and muscle control, disorientation and confusion – enough to stop any further aggressive activity – giving you time to escape the threat.

Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes; there is no permanent harm when used properly.


Streetwise SamStun 6M Stun Gun Cell Phone Black in Hand

Discrete Protection: The SamStun 6M is the most realistic looking cell phone stun gun on the market. When you pull out this stun gun, your would-be attacker will surely think it's a cell phone. By the time he realizes it's a stun gun, it will be too late. The element of surprise may be the advantage you need to escape the danger.

Powerful Stun Gun: Simply test firing this unit is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates across the top of the unit, it creates an intimidating electrical flash and crackling sound. An attacker with any sense will stop in his tracks. If the sight and sound doesn't stop him, a stunning jolt from this unit certainly will.

Streetwise SamStun 6M Stun Gun Cell Phone compared to samsung phone

Slim Design: The SamStun 6M measures less than 4-1/2" tall, and is less than a half inch thick. It's easy to conceal in your pocket or purse; or carry it in the included deluxe holster.

LED Flashlight: The LED flashlight provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it and eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky flashlight.

Disable Pin: Prevents an attacker from taking the stun gun away from you. The wrist lanyard attaches to a disable pin at the bottom of the unit. If the stun gun is taken away from you, the pin will pull out, disabling the unit.

Streetwise SamStun 6M Stun Gun Cell Phone on Belt

Disable Pin Override Plug: For those who prefer not to use the Wrist Lanyard Disable Pin, simply insert this plug in place of the pin and you're good to go.

Deluxe Holster with Belt Clip: Conveniently carry your SamStung with you wherever you go.

AC Adapter with Charging Status Indicator: As the SamStun charges, the LED light on the adapter changes colors so you know when it's fully charged. Also prevents overcharging.

Lifetime Warranty: The Streetwise SamStun 6M is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty.
See the enclosed instructions for complete details.


  • Streetwise SamStun 6M Rechargeable Stun Gun Cell Phone
  • Deluxe Holster
  • Wrist Lanyard with Disable Pin
  • Flat Head Disable Override Plug
  • Instructions
Streetwise SamStun 6M Stun Gun Cell Phone Packaging

*Actual voltage is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to be 6,000,000 or more volts. See our F.A.Q. for more detailed information on voltage ratings.

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