Please Note: We cannot ship 160 gallon water tanks to Alaska or Hawaii. We apologize for any inconvenience.

160 Gallon Stackable Water Tank w/ Water Treatment

  • 160 Gallon Capacity (Water Not Included)
  • BPA-Free Heavy Duty Food Grade Plastic
  • Dark Blue Color Blocks Light and Inhibits Bacterial Growth
  • Tanks Are Stackable and Connectable
  • Easy Connector Valves & Spigots
  • Spigots Fit Standard Water Hose
  • Fits Through Standard Doorways
  • Dimensions: 44" High x 36" Deep x 29" Wide
  • Empty Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Includes 330 Gallon Water Treatment Kit
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160 Gallon Water Storage Tank

With 330 Gallon Water Treatment

2 160 Gal Water Barrels Stacked

2 160 Gal. Water Tanks Stacked

1 160 Gal Water Barrel

160 Gallon Water Tank

2 160 Gal Water Barrels

2 160 Gallon Water Tanks

2 160 Gal Water Barrels Stacked w/ woman

2 160 Gal. Water Tanks Stacked

Water is absolutely critical to our survival. The bare minimum requirement of fresh water to have on hand for each person in your household is one gallon per person per day.

So It’s crucial to have an adequate supply of clean water stored in case of a disaster or emergency situation. For long term survival, stored water can get you by until you can find a supply of fresh water.

Our heavy-duty storage tanks will help you and your family be truly water prepared.

Made from specially blended UV resistant BPA-free plastic, each tank can hold up to 160 gallons of water. And we include a water treatment kit, capable of treating 330 gallons of water, with each tank.

Each tank has two spigots that fit standard garden hoses. and connectors for easy stacking, connecting and accessing your water.

They can be stacked two-high, or connected together in a series for convenient, high-capacity storage.

And the tanks will fit through a standard doorway, so they are easy to stack and install.

These tanks are not pressurized so they can't be run in-line with your in-home water system, but they can be connected and filled as end of line water storage.

Give your family the security of knowing you have an adequate supply of fresh water on hand for any situation.

160 Gal Water Tank Dimensions

What You Get:

  • 160 Gallon Capacity Water Tank w/ Connector Valves & Spigots
  • 330 Gallon Water Treatment Kit