60 Gallon Water Box Set with Aquamira Water Treatment and Fill Kit

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60 Gallon Water Box Set w/ Aquamira Water Treatment and Fill Kit

12 5-Gallon Water Boxes

  • Water Bags Are Heavy Duty BPA-Free Plastic, and Include Spigots
  • Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes Stack Easily, and Protect the Water Bags
  • Kit Includes Aquamira 2-Part Water Treatment (Chlorine Dioxide)
  • Water Treated with Aqumira Is Potable for 5 Years
  • Includes Hose Kit for Easy Filling
  • Boxes Stack Easily and Are Easily Transportable
  • Boxes Weigh Only 40 Lbs. When Filled

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Product Details
Product Details

60 Gallon Water Box Set w/ Aquamira Water Treatment and Fill Kit

Water Storage Boxes for Your Family's Long Term Emergency Supply

Long-Term Emergency Water Storage Has Never Been Simpler!

Legacy Water Box Breakdown

A supply of clean drinking water might just be the most critical part of your long-term emergency storage strategy.

Without potable water your family will not survive an emergency for more than a week. Experts suggest a minimum of one gallon of water per day, per person. And in reality, that is truly an absolute bare minimum.

Our water boxes store water in five-gallon BPA-free water bags. Each bag is thick, durable and hard to pierce, and is stored in a stackable, heavy-duty box.

Water bags fit in stackable boxes which keep light from penetrating the water bags, extending shelf life. The boxes are compact and easily transportable. Filled boxes weigh only forty pounds each.

Now you can maximize your storage space, and have a long-term water supply that you can conveniently stack, and easily transport if necessary.

Each 5-gallon water bag has a built-in spigot, and we include a filling hose. The filling hose can be hooked up to any bathroom or kitchen faucet; an outdoor ¾-inch spigot is also included.

Aquamir Water Treatment Package

Every kit includes a supply of Aquamria 2-part water treatment tablets, so your water will stay drinkable for five years. Simply add the Aquamira treatment to the filled bag before sealing.

Aquamira (cholorine dioxide) purifies your water and actually improves the taste. Chlorine dioxide will not discolor storage water or create harmful by-products like regular chlorine bleach can.

You no longer need those 55-gallon water barrels.
Move them out of the way, if you can budge them!

60 Gallon Kit Includes:

  • 12 5-Gallon BPA-Free Plastic Bags
  • 12 Heavy-Duty, Stackable Cardboard Boxes
  • Built-in, Easy-to-Use Spigot on Each Bag
  • Aquamira 2-Part Water Treatment (enough for 60 gals.)
  • Hose Kit for Easy Filling of Bags
  • Shipping Weight: 21 lb.
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