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  • True Story of an Unintentional Shooting

    Too Close to Home: The Tragic Tale of an Unintentional Shooting

    This is the true story of one of my handgun students who was involved in an unintentional shooting. He accidentally shot his brother in the leg with a rifle.

    I heard about this incident several months after it had occurred, and sent an email to the shooter, let's call him JC. He had graduated from of one of my handgun training classes a few years before this event took place.

    He replied to my email with the details of the incident, and offered his gracious permission for me to publish his story.

    As he describes, there were several factors which culminated in this tragedy. Remove any one of them, and this unintentional shooting would not have happened.

    Here is his story, as he described it in an email he sent to me.

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