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  • GMO-Free Foods: What Does It Really Mean?

    GMO-Free Foods: What Does It Really Mean?

    For a food to be certified "GMO-Free," the suppliers must be able to certify that their ingredients do not contain more than 0.9% GMO.

    This means the supplier must prove that farmers planted non-GMO seeds, and prevented pollen or other contaminants from neighboring fields from drifting onto their fields. And that they stored and transported the crop separately from GMO crops. And that the separation between GMO and non-GMO crops was maintained throughout all phases of processing, right up to the finished product.

    Legacy Foods has established a series of procedures that they employ in order to assure their customers that their foods are GMO-Free. Additionally, Legacy has partnered with Honeyville Foods, who is now the sole supplier of Legacy Foods products.

    Honeyville has over 60 years in the food industry, and currently has facilities located in Salt Lake City and Honeyville, Utah; Phoenix, Arizona; Rancho Cucamonga, California; and Cincinnati, Ohio. Their facilities are among the highest-rated in the country, with SQF Level 2 (NSF) certifications, and third-party certifications in non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and organic products.

    The partnership between Legacy and Honeyville further ensures that all Legacy Food products maintain the highest quality standards as well as their GMO-Free certifications.

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  • Learn More About Legacy Essentials Bulk Food Storage

    Take the Hassle Out of Bulk Food Storage with Legacy Essentials

    Convenient Packaging ~ Quick & Easy to Prepare

    Legacy Essentials are individually packaged bulk food items that you can eat on their own, or use to supplement other meals, either as side dishes or in your favorite recipes.

    Legacy Essentials are packaged in heavy-duty Mylar pouches. A nitrogen flush combined with an oxygen absorber in every pouch assure the longest shelf life for your food storage supplies.

    Unopened pouches have a shelf-life of 10-15 years, so you can be confident that your food will be there when you need it.

    Once the pouch has been opened, our Legacy Essentials still have a shelf life of up to one year. This means that you won't be wasting any of your valuable food storage dollars.

    Our dehydrated and freeze-dried foods provide the best nutritional value for your dollar. And they take up less of your food storage space.

    Legacy Essentials are quick and easy to prepare: simply add water to rehydrate. Or you may add them to your other favorite recipes. (You may need to adjust liquids depending on your recipe).

    Many of our foods – like apples, peaches, strawberries and more – can be enjoyed right out of the pouch! They're perfect for a healthy between-meal snack!

    Like all of Legacy Foods products, Legacy Essentials are Certified GMO-Free, so you can be assured you're feeding your family healthy choices of whole foods that have not been genetically modified.

    And, in independent blind taste-tests, four out of five people chose Legacy Foods as "Best Tasting" in the food-storage industry. Whoever said that survival food had to be bland and boring ... was wrong!

    Fill Your Pantry with Legacy Essentials ~ Discover the Best Value in Food Storage!

  • Legacy Foods Partners with Honeyville

    Legacy Foods Partners with Honeyville

    Legacy Foods Partnership with Honeyville Offers Additional
    Health Certificates and Higher Supplier Production Standards

    Legacy Food Storage has announced that Honeyville Inc. will be its new ingredients supplier. Honeyville Foods has been a leader in the food industry for over 60 years, with a focus on producing foods that meet the needs of people with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-sensitivity, among others.

    Partnering with Honeyville will not only enable Legacy Foods to continue to produce the healthiest and tastiest emergency foods, but also assures that all of Legacy's products will continue to be certified GMO-Free, with no trans fat, no cholesterol, low sodium and high fiber contents.

    "Since its beginning, Legacy has striven to provide the healthiest – and most delicious – emergency foods, with real ingredients certified by our vendors as ‘GMO-free’ as well as featuring no cholesterol, no trans fat, low sodium, no MSG and high fiber,” said Phil Cox, CEO, Legacy Food Storage.

    “With all ingredients now supplied by Honeyville, not only will our foods meet the aforementioned benefits but Honeyville’s additional certifications for dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, lactose-free, and even kosher, will give consumers with these restrictions the confidence they need to make Legacy their emergency food vendor of choice."

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  • Legacy Foods – GMO-Free Food Storage

    Legacy Foods CEO Phil Cox Explains GMO-Free Food Storage

    Recently, Phil Cox, CEO of Legacy Foods, talked about GMO-Free Food Storage, and Legacy's practices to ensure that their products meet the rigorous criteria to be Certified GMO-Free.

    GMO foods are foods that are genetically modified, also known as genetically engineered (GE) foods. Briefly, genetically modified organisms have been altered at the cellular level either by removing specific genes, or introducing new genes.

    The purpose behind these alterations is to create crops that exhibit certain desirable traits, while simultaneously eliminating undesirable traits. For example, some manufacturers of GMO seeds claim that their crops require less water or are more resistant to pests or pesticides.

    The broader claim among GMO seed producers is that their crops will have increased yields over normal, non-GMO seeds. That claim has yet to be definitively proven.

    Many customers and competitors have asked us to verify some of the claims that are made regarding the quality of Legacy Food Storage, most frequently regarding the Non-GMO and Gluten Free claims. We are very pleased to announce that Legacy Food Storage has partnered with Honeyville Grains to continue to produce their already amazing products. Honeyville has some of the highest rated facilities in the country when it comes to quality and standards of the food products that they produce.

    Please read the letter below to verify that Legacy Food Storage is completely accurate when they state their food storage products are Non-GMO and Gluten Free.

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  • Learn More About Legacy Premium Foods

    Legacy Premium Foods:
    The New "Gold Standard" of Emergency & Survival Food Storage

    Find Out Why Legacy Premium Foods Offers a Better Value in Food Storage

    More Variety ~ Better Tasting ~ Longer Shelf Life ~ GMO Free

    Unsurpassed Quality

    Legacy Premium Foods offers emergency and survival food storage products that are unsurpassed. Our products represent the best in quality of ingredients, packaging, shelf life, nutritional content, and, unlike the typical offering of the emergency food storage industry, TASTE!

    Starting with only the finest ingredients, Legacy Premium provides meals that are bursting with gourmet flavors, yet are quick and easy to prepare. Simply bring water to a boil and add the contents of the pouch to the pot. Each pouch has cooking directions so you know the correct amount of water and cooking time for that meal.

    Meals are low in fat, low in sodium, with high nutritional content so you can be assured that your family is getting the proper nourishment you need to survive.

    All of Legacy's ingredients have been certified GMO-Free, and many of their meals are Gluten-Free as well.

    Extensive Variety

    With Legacy's wide array of meal choices – 4 breakfasts & 19 entrees in their food storage packages, (and we also offer real meats, side dishes, fruits, vegetables, beverages and bulk food items) – your whole family will be thrilled with the variety of choices available.


    Perhaps most surprising is Legacy Premium's affordability. Compare the "Cost per 2,000 Calories" and you'll find that Legacy Premium Food Storage offers the absolute best value for your food storage dollar!

    Serving sizes may vary from person to person, and from company to company. But two thousand calories – typically what an adult would need each day in a survival-type scenario – represents a stable, constant value that can actually be measured and evaluated.

    We have calculated the total calories in each food storage kit, and divided that total by 2000. The result is the number of days the kit will last at a consumption rate of 2000 calories per day.

    It's also important to note that Legacy Premium does not include 'side dishes' as a serving in their food storage packages. This means that all of the servings in your food storage kit are actually nourishing food that your body can use – not just a sauce or a drink.

    When you compare the cost of 2,000 calories among various food storage companies, you'll find that Legacy Premium is one of the lowest priced emergency food storage solutions available anywhere.

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