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    Lindon Farms ~ A New Way of Thinking
    About Emergency Food Storage

    The Lindon Farms Difference

    Lindon Farms was founded in April of 2007, in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. They have created partnerships with suppliers of the best survival & emergency preparedness products available.

    While many other food storage brands simply "relabel" food storage products, Lindon Farms produces all of their meals in their own facility. The result is higher quality products, more variety, and timely shipping.

    Lindon Farms is a Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. Quality long term food storage straight from the manufacturer to your door.

    Wide Variety of Gourmet Meals

    Lindon Farms' gourmet chef developed award-winning entrees using recipes passed down through four generations of European immigrants who brought their old-world recipes to the Wasatch Mountain region of Utah.

    Only the highest quality ingredients and freshest fruits & vegetables are used to bring you truly satisfying, 'just-add-water' gourmet meals.

    Lindon Farms offers a wide variety of food storage meal choices, and their meals are great tasting, too! Your whole family will love having these delicious flavorful meals on hand. Rely on them in an emergency, or enjoy them every day!

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