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    Pepper Spray Laws by State (Updated October, 2017)

    We know that State & Local Pepper Spray Laws can be confusing, and sometimes even contradictory. Furthermore, those laws are frequently changed, amended, or (sometimes) abolished. As a result, keeping current on your local laws can be overwhelming.

    To help you sort through the various state statutes, we have compiled below a summary of each state's laws on the possession and use of non-lethal aerosol weapons.

    The information was obtained from letters sent to each State Attorney General, requesting information on current state laws regarding chemical aerosol sprays used for self-defense.

    The following summary reflects the various laws on the sale and use of non-lethal spray weapons. In no way should this be regarded as the final word on the legal status of said laws.

    This report is not intended to take place of legal counsel nor should it be looked at as being any form of legal advice. Please check with your local authorities to obtain the latest information, as our politicians and bureaucrats have a tendency to change laws from one day to the next.

    Remember that Federal law prohibits the carrying of any type of chemical weapon on commercial aircraft, in federal buildings, prisons, and courts.

    We do not agree with any legislation that infringes on a person's right to self-protection, by whatever means he or she feels most comfortable with. In fact, we adamantly oppose most, if not all, such legislation. Unfortunately, we are required to abide by these restrictions, however inane they may be.

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  • Streetwise Pepper Spray FAQ

    Streetwise Pepper Spray FAQ

    What Is Pepper Spray?

    Our Streetwise Pepper Spray is a top selling brand of pepper spray. Pepper spray is generic name for a family of defense sprays which are, essentially, non-lethal chemical compounds that cause immediate and extreme inflammation when sprayed at an attacker, especially when aimed at the eyes and face.

    These inflammatory properties make pepper spray an ideal tool for personal self-defense, as well as crowd control and riot suppression.

    The primary ingredient in pepper spray is Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). This is also the chemical that makes chili peppers hot.

    Commercially available Pepper Spray is typically a combination of capsaicin, water, propylene glycol, and nitrogen or some other gas used as a propellant. Pepper spray is not always based on naturally occurring capsaicin. Some types of pepper sprays are made using synthetic substitutes of oleoresin capsicum..

    Regardless of the method used to produce it, when properly used, pepper spray has proven to be extremely effective as a self-defense tool and for crowd control and riot prevention.

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