The Door Bull

Make Your Door Really Matter

  • Patented Design Strengthens Your Door Against Attempted Forced Entry
  • Easy to Install and Convenient to Use
  • Strong and Effective
  • Spreads the Force Across More of Your Door Frame
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The Door Bull

Door Bull Patent
Door Bull on door
Door Bull on doorframe
Door Bull on door jamb

The Bad News: Your Front Door Is Nearly Pointless!

Most doors protected by deadbolts fail in one to three kicks. In mere seconds home invaders are inside your house, giving you little time to call 911.

Even if you are able to call, the average response time for police is over 7 minutes.

In many cases, intruders attempting to gain entry to your home don’t even have to kick in your door – amateurs using “bump keys” can now easily defeat 90% of deadbolts.

And, surprisingly, many higher-quality, more expensive locks are often even more vulnerable.

The Good News: The Door Bull Can Stop Them!

The Door Bull helps your door frame do its job by distributing the force more evenly, and at the appropriate angles to handle the blows of an attempted home invasion. Even with key bumping, the Door Bull prevents the door from opening, keeping you safe inside.

Designed by police officers, the Door Bull is made of strong, superior-grade aluminum and is easy to install. It includes three additional 3-inch screws to replace one screw on each hinge for greater overall strength.

Easy to store and use, the Door Bull can be put on in seconds and stored on the included hanger when not in use.


  • Patented Design: Designed by police officers.
  • Strong: Superior-grade aluminum construction.
  • DIY Installation: Easy installation on most doors.
  • Effective: The Door Bull spreads the force across more of your door frame.
  • Handy: Store the Door Bull on the included hanger, or completely out of sight.

What You Get:

  • Door Bull
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Extra-long Hinge Screws
  • Storage Hook
  • Instructions
Door Bull contents
Door Bull diagram