InstaFire Inferno Biomass Stove



Convenient, Portable, Lightweight Camping Stove

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Anodized Titanium Coating
  • Burns Any Bio-Mass as Fuel
  • USB Fan Adjusts Cooking Flame from 425°F to 1500°F
  • Legs and Pot Arms Fold for Convenient Storage
  • Tote Bag Included
  • Weighs Only 2.2 lbs.


InstaFire Inferno Biomass Stove

Our InstaFire Inferno Stove takes outdoor cooking to a whole new level. Its unique vortex technology allows you to cook meals quicker and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

This beautifully crafted stove combines science, safety, technology and efficiency to create a one of a kind outdoor cooking experience.

The Inferno Stove will burn just about any biomass as fuel, and it features a heat controller giving you a temperature range from 425° F up to 1500° F!

This means you’ll cook meals quickly, thoroughly and efficiently even in the toughest situations. You can now avoid burning or undercooking your food. Perfect meals every time!

So what’s the secret to its efficiency? Oxygen! The controller forces oxygen throughout the stove through vents on its side-reinforced panels. The more oxygen, the hotter it gets.

Air is fed through the vents which creates a “second combustion” and more heat. This is ideal for conserving energy and fuel for emergencies. You end up with high, concentrated temperatures, smoke free fire, and efficiently cooked meals.

Oxygen Feeds the Flames – Small ventilation holes in the lower sides of the stove feed the flames from below while forcing heated oxygen up through the stove. The heated air is then fed directly through the top holes creating a second combustion. The result is highly concentrated temperatures, smoke free fire, and less fuel used for each meal.

Pressure from the Fan Circulates the Air – When the fan is on, a pressure differential is created between the two chambers creating a vortex right inside the stove. Warm air travels up the sides of the stove in a swirling motion to the top holes which provide a secondary burn. This air movement creates the wizardry of the Inferno Stove.

High Heat With USB Fan – A high powered fan at the bottom of the stove gives you variable heat control for meals that are neither burnt nor undercooked. No other natural biomass/wood burning stove does this.

Use Any Type of USB Battery – The heat controller comes with a standard USB connection, and will run on any type of USB battery pack you may have.

Folding Legs & Pot Holders – The potholders are perfectly suited to firmly and securely grip any type of pot, pan or mug, helping you avoid spills – from a frying pan to the steel mug for your morning coffee. The pot holders fold compactly into the stove, and the legs of the stove fold inward, allowing the Inferno to be easily transported. A tote sack is included to help protect the Inferno and make storage and transport even easier.

Quality & Durability – The InstaFire Inferno Stove is made with the highest-quality materials. Cold-pressed stainless steel, coated with anodized titanium, ensure that the Inferno can endure the harshest of conditions. And with its double wall construction and high-heat vortex effect, the Inferno can easily reach temperatures of 1500° F!

Perfect for Campsite Fun or Emergency Preparedness – Remember, the Inferno stove burns pine cones, wood, biomass material and even animal droppings.And we’ve included a 3 Pack of our InstaFire Fire Starter. If you upgrade to the 5 gallon bucket, you will have enough fuel for up to 625 meals (that’s 7 months of meals at 3 meals a day).

Stove Image 06

Stove’s Legs & Pot Holding Arms Unfold Easily

Stove Image 08

Stove’s Fan Is Powered by Any USB Battery

Stove Image 05

Stove’s Flame Adjusts by Dialing the Heat Controller

The Inferno Stove was engineered to accompany you on your adventures wherever they may be. The feet and pot holders fold right into the stove and fit into the carrying case that comes with the stove.

The stove is coated in anodized titanium, and crafted with high quality stainless steel. Your stove allows for maximum heat resistance on the outer surface. This creates the Inferno’s handsome slate design and gives the stove longevity of life.

Use your Inferno Stove with any Fuel Source! The Inferno consumes any biomass fuel including pine cones, sticks, leaves, bark, and of course InstaFire®. The stove comes with a 3 pack of InstaFire, but you can upgrade to a larger amount if you wish.

The USB Heat Controller is compatible with any USB portable battery. As long as your battery pack can plug into a USB, it will work with your stove.

California PROP 65 Warning:

Burning this results in emissions that can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide, soot, smoke and other combustion by-products, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and/or other adverse health effects. For more information go to

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