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Eos Concealed Carry Handbag

SKU: CCSO-Eos-000

Eos Concealed Carry Handbag

Beautiful. Stylish. Practical.

  • Constructed of Highest Quality Vegan Leather
  • 12" x 5.5" x 10" Dimension Offers Plenty of Space
  • Concealed Holster Compartments Are Separate from the Inside Compartments
  • Velcro Holster Keeps Your Firearm in a Safe Position
  • Additional Velcro Holster for an Extra Mag, Flashlight, Stun Gun, etc.
  • Adjustable Strap for Wearing Over Your Shoulder
  • Handle & Strap Have an Anti-Cut Wire Inside to Prevent Theft
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Special Order Only

Product Details
Product Details

Eos Concealed Carry Handbag

Eos Concealed Carry Purse Blue front
Eos Concealed Carry Purse Blue top view
Eos Concealed Carry Purse Blue back

Eos CCW Handbag

The chic style and bold colors combine to make our Eos CCW Purse the statement bag every woman desires.

The structure and elegance of this purse makes the Eos the ultimate discreet concealed carry bag for any woman.

The main pocket is enclosed by a zipper and contains numerous built-in pockets for organization of smaller items.

This handbag is 100% vegan leather, and features metal-reinforced cut-resistant handles and accompanying should strap for easy conversion from a handbag to a shoulder bag with ease.

The concealed carry pocket is located on the back and is accessible from either side, or from the top of the zippered pocket.

An adjustable holster is also included and attaches to the Velcro on the inside of the concealed pocket.


  • Handbag Dimensions: 12" x 9" x 5"
  • CCW Compartment: 8" x 7"
  • Shoulder Strap: 43" - 48"
  • Handle Fit: 5"
  • Multiple Pockets: The main zipper opens up to a roomy interior with three soft pouches and two zippered pockets.
  • Velcro Holster: Keeps the gun secured in a safe position so you can access it quickly in an emergency.
  • Small Velcro Holster: Perfect for an extra magazine, a flashlight, pepper spray, or a stun gun, so these can be accessed quickly in an emergency.
  • Ambidextrous Access: Discreet zippers are located on both sides of the compartment, so firearms can be quickly accessed by both right and left-handed shooters.
  • Theft Resistant Handle & Straps: An anti-cut wire is located inside the handle and straps to prevent a thief from cutting them and stealing the purse.
  • Worry-free Replacement Purse: Should you ever need to shoot through the handbag to protect yourself, you can send us a copy of the police report, and we will send you a free replacement bag.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty from Cameleon.

What You Get:

  • Cameleon Eos CCW Handbag
  • Velcro Gun Holster
  • Accessory Holster
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Cameleon Concealed Carry Purses
Because Self-Defense Never Goes Out of Style

Cameleon Concealed Carry Purses have become a favorite among women who choose to discretely yet safely carry their concealed firearm with them. After all, the gun won't help if it's locked in a safe at home.

Our discrete zipper pockets, located on both sides of the bag, can be quickly and safely accessed by either right hand or left hand shooters. The holster compartments are lined with Velcro, and include an adjustable Velcro holster to hold your gun securely in place.

The holster compartments are located separately from the main compartments of the purse, so you will always know exactly where your firearm is – no need to dig around in the contents of your purse to locate it. Simply reach into the zippered holster pocket, and you're ready to present your firearm in the case of a threat.

Cameleon handbags are crafted with high quality vegan leather – they're lightweight, durable, water- and wear-resistant. They're comfortable to carry, and stylish, too!