Four Count vs. Five Count Draw Stroke

A quick look at the classic Five-Count Drawstroke, and why I have come to prefer a Four-Count Drawstroke.

I'm not saying that the four-count drawstroke is necessarily better than the five-count. However, I will say that personally, I have come to prefer it.

As shown in the video, the four-count drawstroke allows you to acquire a firing position almost immediately after your firearm clears the holster. Simply pivot your weapon so the muzzle is facing forward, and you're in a one-handing firing position. This is similar to the "Speed-Rock" one-hand shooting technique.

The four-count drawstroke also raises the "smack" position (where your firing hand meets your support hand) to your mid- to upper chest area. In my opinion, this is a significant improvement because your two-handed grip is now close to eye level, which allows you to attain your sight picture almost immediately.

I'm sure that some folks will still prefer the classic five-count drawstroke. However, I would urge any serious shooter to at least give the four-count drawstroke some thought. Experiment with it for a while, and then see which one works best for you.