Legacy Essentials Powdered Whole Eggs ~ 6 Pouches (288 Servings)

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Legacy Essentials Powdered Whole Eggs ~ 6 Pouches ~ 288 Servings

6 Pouches ~ 288 Servings

  • Great Tasting, Convenient Powdered Whole Eggs
  • 288 Total Servings
  • Packaged in Resealable Metallyte™ Pouches
  • Oxygen Absorber in Every Pouch
  • 10-15 Year Shelf Life
  • Certified GMO-Free
  • Made in U.S.A.

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Legacy Essentials Powdered Whole Eggs

6 Pouches ~ 288 Servings

Legacy Essentials Powdered Egg Pouches
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Legacy Essentials Powdered Eggs
Legacy Essentials Powdered Eggs Label
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Add Delicious, Nutritious Powdered Eggs to Your Emergency Food Storage Supply

Eggs might just be the perfect food! They are high in protein, and they give your body the fuel it needs to get through your busy day. Eggs also provide vitamins, calcium & iron that your body needs to keep strong and active.

Use them right from the pouch in baking and other recipes, or rehydrate them in a little water and enjoy scrambled eggs or an omelet for your next hearty breakfast!

Our Legacy Essentials powdered whole eggs provide the same nutrition as fresh eggs, but need no refrigeration. They are packaged in resealable Metallyte™ pouches, with an oxygen absorber in each pouch.

Their long shelf life (up to 10-15 years) means that these powdered eggs are indeed a great addition to your family's emergency food storage supply.

Legacy Essentials Powdered Eggs

  • Great Addition to Your Food Storage, and Is also Perfect for Daily Use
  • 6 Resealable Metallyte™ Pouches
  • Pouches Stand Upright on Your Shelf or Countertop
  • 10 to 15 Year Unopened Shelf Life
  • Quick and Easy to Prepare: Simply Add Water to Rehydrate

Packaging Info

  • 288 Servings
  • 6 Resealable Metallyte™ Pouches
  • Oxygen Absorber in Every Pouch
  • Shelf Life, Unopened Pouch: 10-15 Years
  • Shelf Life, after Pouch Seal Is Broken: Up to 1 Month
  • Pouch Weight: 1.39 lbs.
  • Total Weight: 8.33 lbs.

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