Legacy Herb Garden Non-Hybrid Seed Kit

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Legacy Herb Garden Seed Kit

Legacy Herb Garden Seed Kit

10 Herb Varieties

  • Open-Pollinated, Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid Heirloom Seeds
  • Approx. Seed Count = 74,109
  • Long-Term, 5+ Year Storage
  • High Germination Rates
  • Growing Guide Included
  • Product of U.S.A.

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Product Details
Product Details

Legacy Herb Garden Seed Kit

Legacy Herb Garden Seed Kit

10 Herb Varieties

Approx. Seed Count = 74,109
Herb Garden Seed Kit Contents
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Not only do herbs add delicious flavors to any recipe, they are also well known for providing a myriad of health benefits.

Having a storable supply of garden herbs makes perfect sense, especially when included in your long-term food storage. Now you can enjoy the delicious fresh flavor, and the healthfulness, of fresh-grown herbs.

Our Herb Garden Seed Kit contains 10 varieties of herbs. These seeds are scientifically dried and sealed to ensure high germination rates for years.

And with a shelf life of 5+ years, you can be assured that these seeds will produce wonderful herbs when you're ready to plant them. Then, gather and plant the seeds from your garden and your family will have a perpetual, ongoing fresh fruit source for life.

Cooking your survival food with fresh herbs will add nutritional benefits that will be critical during an emergency, not to mention a boost in flavor and taste that will be priceless. The Herb Garden Seed Vault from Legacy contains 10 different herbs varieties that will become a most welcome addition to your long term emergency supplies.

Basil, included in the Herb Garden Seed Vault, is known to have antioxidants, vitamins A and K, and essential minerals such as potassium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Cilantro is an excellent source of fiber, essential oils, and has been shown to lower LDL or "bad cholesterol" levels in the blood. Oregano has shown anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits and may increase digestion.

Imagine the health impact that just adding these herbs to your diet. Having these growing fresh in a garden during an emergency will add a layer of wellness to bolster your ability to survive and provide a delightful resource to your cooking supplies.

Packaging Info

  • 1 Durable, Resealable Bucket
  • 10 Varieties of Garden Herbs
  • Seeds are Packaged in Resealable Mylar Pouches
  • Shelf Life, with germination rates over 80%: 5 Years;
    Up to 15 Years with germination rates over 50%.
  • Growing Guide Included
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