Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Fruit Variety Pack

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Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Fruit Variety Pack

Refreshing Freeze Dried Fruit Assortment

6 Pouches ~ 204 Total Servings

  • 6 Delicious Varieties of Freeze Dried Fruit
  • 204 Servings
  • Servings Packaged in Rsealable Metallyte™ Pouches
  • Oxygen Absorber in Every Pouch
  • 10-15 Year Shelf Life
  • Certified GMO Free
  • Made in U.S.A.

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Product Details
Product Details

Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Fruit Variety Pack

6 Varieties of Our Favorite Fruits

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Freeze Dried Apple Slices

25 Servings

Freeze Dried Banana Slices

34 Servings

Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices

22 Servings

Freeze Dried Blueberries

60 Servings

Freeze Dried Pineapple

35 Servings

Freeze Dried Peaches

28 Servings

Enjoy the Taste of Summer All Year 'Round with Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Fruits

Legacy Premium has put together an assortment of our most popular freeze dried fruits into one convenient variety package. Now you can have a large selection of farm-fresh freeze dried fruits to add to your family's emergency food storage, or to enjoy with your everyday meals.

This delicious assortment of freeze dried fruits not only offers you variety, but also ensures you and your family get extra vitamins and minerals other emergency food storage products may not contain.

Remember, freeze dried fruit is just that – freeze dried, not dehydrated. The freeze drying process captures all of the flavor, texture and nutritional goodness of fresh fruit. Each pouch of these delicious morsels is vacuum-sealed, with a nitrogen flush and an oxygen absorber in each pouch, to ensure a long shelf life – 10-15 years – so you can be assured that your fruits will taste just as good as when they were harvested.

Legacy Premium freeze dried fruits are quick and easy to prepare: simply add a little water and let the fruit rehydrate. Or, for a tasty snack any time, any place, just munch them right from the pouch. Your whole family will simply love these crispy, flavorful and nutritious treats.

Our assortment of freeze dried fruit includes pineapple (packed with vitamin C for a healthy immune system), deliciously sweet strawberries (provides potassium and antioxidants), apples (with the fiber and iron your family needs), bananas (high in potassium, healthy carbs, and iron), peaches (a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals), and last but not least, blueberries – considered to be one of the most potent super-fruits available anywhere.

So give your family this variety of these great tasting, healthful freeze dried fruits. We're certain your whole family will be thrilled to have them on hand.

Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Fruit Variety Pack

  • Six Delicious Fruit Varieties to Add to Your Food Storage Supply
  • 6 Resealable Metallyte™ Pouches
  • Pouches Stand Upright on Your Shelf or Countertop
  • Oxygen Absorber in Every Pouch
  • Shelf Life, Unopened Pouch: 10-15 Years
  • Shelf Life, after Pouch Seal Is Broken: Up to 1 Year
  • Quick and Easy to Prepare
  • Or Eat Right from the Pouch as an Anytime Snack

Fill Your Pantry with Legacy Premium Bulk Foods ~ Discover the Best Value in Food Storage!

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