Legacy Premium 60 Servings Gluten-Free Entree Bucket


  • 60 Servings
  • Six Gluten-FreeEntree Varieties
  • One Heavy-Duty, Stackable, Resealable Bucket
  • Servings Packaged in Metallyte™ Pouches
  • Oxygen Absorber in Every Pouch
  • Made in USA

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Legacy Premium 60 Servings Gluten-Free Entree Bucket

60 Servings Gluten-Free Entree Bucket

Gluten-Free Entrees ~ 60 Servings

We know that these days, many people are avoiding gluten as much as possible, and are changing their everyday diets accordingly. Once again, Legacy Premium Food Storage leads the industry by offering freeze-dried survival food that is delicious, nutritious, and gluten-free.

This Legacy Premium 60 Servings Gluten-Free Entree Bucket contains six great-tasting meal varieties, packaged in convenient four-serving Metallyte™ pouches.

Choose from our hearty soups, like Cheese & Broccoli or Creamy Potato; or tickle your taste buds with our Beans & Rice Enchilada.

No matter which meal you choose for your family tonight, your whole family will savor the textures and flavors of our gourmet freeze-dried meals. Grab your bucket today, and see just how good our gluten-free entrees really are.

Like all of our Legacy Premium meals, our gluten-free entrees are non-GMO, and contain no trans-fats or MSG. They are low in sodium and high in fiber, so you can be assured that you and your family are getting the finest quality and best tasting survival food available.

Now you and your family can enjoy the security of having gluten-free food storage meals, that you can trust to provide all the nutrition you need, and still avoid the gluten that so many people are sensitive to.

Legacy Premium knows its stuff when it comes to crafting delicious and nutritious food storage meals. When you consider our quality ingredients, long-term shelf life, convenience, and great tasting food, it’s easy to see why Legacy Premium really is the best value in food storage.

Here’s What’s in Our 60 Servings Gluten-Free Entree Bucket

60 Total Servings ~ 6 Meal Varieties

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Legacy Premium Enchilada Beans and Rice
Beans & Rice Enchilada
3 Pouches ~ 12 Servings
Legacy Premium Cheese & Broccoli Bake
Cheese & Broccoli Bake
2 Pouches ~ 8 Servings
Legacy Premium Creamy ala King
Creamy ala King
2 Pouches ~ 8 Servings
Legacy Premium Creamy Potato Soup Mix
Creamy Potato Soup Mix
3 Pouches ~ 12 Servings
Legacy Premium Classic Chili Mix
Classic Chili Mix
3 Pouches ~ 12 Servings
Legacy Premium White Bean Chili Mix
White Bean Chili Mix
2 Pouches ~ 8 Servings

60 Servings Gluten-Free Entree Bucket

Total Servings60 Entrees
Cost with Shipping$210.00
Total Calories22,760
Avg. Calories per Serving379
Cost per 2000 Calories$18.45
Cost per Pound$13.94
Weight (lb.)16 lb.
Meal Selection6 Gluten-Free Entrees


Lowest Cost Per Pound

Not all food storage is created equal. Many food storage companies can advertise low prices because they lower the calories in their meals. An apples to apples comparison is to calculate cost per pound. This will give you a better indication of the true cost of your emergency food storage.

Compare Legacy Premium Food Storage to any other food storage company on a cost per pound or cost per calorie basis, and you’ll find that Legacy Premium gives you the absolute best value for your money! In fact, once you actually do a comparison, you’ll see that it’s not even close!

Legacy Premium Food Storage ~ Simply a Better Value

Legacy Premium offers high quality meals that are loaded with flavor and nutrition. We start with the finest ingredients – certified GMO Free – and create great-tasting, healthy meals that will keep your whole family satisfied and nourished.

Additionally, Legacy Premium meals contain no trans-fats, no high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and no MSG; they are also low in sodium, low in cholesterol, and high in fiber. We believe your family deserves emergency food storage that is as healthy as it is delicious.

Our meals are freeze-dried to lock in their flavor, texture and nutrition, then put into convenient four-serving Metallyte™ pouches. A nitrogen flush removes residual oxygen, and an oxygen absorber is placed inside each pouch.

Pouches are then sealed and placed into lightweight yet durable buckets for easy storage and transporting, as well as additional protection from moisture, rodents, and other environmental factors.

Our buckets are BPA-free, and have a resealable pull-top lid for easy access to your meals, while ensuring your meals remain protected. Opening and closing the bucket lid will not affect the shelf-life of your food storage.

Each Legacy Premium meal pouch contains four servings, so meals are simple and easy to prepare. Shelf life for unopened pouches is 25 years, so you can be sure your food will be there when you need it.

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Shipping Weight15.06 lbs

Food Storage Type

Meal Type


Total Servings

60 Servings

Total Calories


Avg. Calories per Serving


2000 Calorie Days


Cost per 2000 Calorie Day


Cost per Pound


Meal Selection

6 Gluten-Free Entree Varieties

Shelf Life, Unopened Pouch

25 Years

Country of Origin

Shipping (LFS)

Shipping Dimensions

What You Get

  • 60 Servings
  • Six Gluten-Free Entree Varieties
  • Provides 22,760 Total Calories
  • 10+ 2,000-Calorie Days
  • Avg. Calories per Serving: 379
  • 7-10 Day Supply for One Adult


Packaging & Shipping Info

  • One Heavy-Duty, Stackable, Resealable Bucket
  • Servings Packaged in Metallyte™ Pouches
  • Oxygen Absorber in Every Pouch
  • Bucket Dimensions: 12.75″ x 11.875″ x 14″
  • Bucket Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Total Weight: 16 lbs.


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