Police Force Duty Belt

Durable, Lightweight Duty Belt

  • 2" Web Duty Belt
  • Eight Attachments Included
  • Four Sizes Available
  • One Year Warranty
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Police Force Duty Belt

This two-inch wide duty belt is constructed of reinforced 1800 denier polyester fused together with multiple layers of padding .

It is comfortable and lightweight; yet it is durable and it is water-resistant.

This is a great choice for folks who want a high quality duty belt without breaking their budget.

Our Police Force Duty Belt is ideal for Law Enforcement, Security, Military Personnel and Gun Enthusiasts.

The holster features an adjustable thumb-break with a velcro strap that allows you to position the thumb-break snap precisely where you want it. The thumb-break unsnaps with ease for quick access to your firearm.

All snaps and closures are designed to be quick and easy to use. They are located in the perfect position so you can access what you need, when you need it.

The belt is available in four different sizes. All sizes will adjust smaller and/or larger by about 6".

Police Force Duty Belt flat
Police Force Duty Belt on person
Police Force 9mm Holster
9mm Holster w/ Adjustable Thumb Break
Police Force Duty Belt
2" Web Duty Belt w/ Quick Release Buckle
Police Force Radio Case
Universal Radio Case
Police Force Handcuff Case
Handcuff Case
Police Force Dual Magazine pouch
Dual Magazine Pouch w/ Velcro Closure
Police Force Aerosol Chemical Holster
4oz. Aerosol Chemical Holster
Police Force Handcuff Key Clip
Handcuff Key Clip
Police Force Baton/Flashlight Ring
Nightstick / Baton / Flashlight Ring
Police Force Belt Keepers
Two Belt Keepers

What You Get:

  • 2" Web Duty Belt
  • 9mm Gun Holster
  • Dual Magazine Pouch w/ Velcro Closure
  • 4 oz Aerosol Chemical Holster
  • Universal Radio Case
  • Hand Cuff Key Clip
  • Handcuff Case
  • Night Stick Baton / Flashlight Ring Holder
  • Two Belt Keepers
  • One Year Warranty
Police Force Duty Belt flat