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From Brand Smith’s “About Alt-Market” Page:

The Alternative Market Project was initially launched in 2010-2011 after I wrote for 4-5 years at This website (, is the sister website to, which I am keeping up as an archive site for people that would like to read all of my older articles.

The goal of this site has always been to educate the public on facts, evidence and philosophies that the mainstream establishment refuses to discuss in an honest way. But beyond that, Alt-Market focuses on SOLUTIONS, not just threat analysis.

My goal is to encourage people around the world (and Americans in particular) to start decoupling from the existing system; we must become more independent and self reliant as individuals, and communities must adopt localized economic networks including barter markets in order to insulate themselves from the ongoing decline of the corrupt financial structure. In other words, if centralization is the problem, then decentralization is the answer.

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Alt-Market is about freedom, in the purest sense, and we stand against those that are working relentlessly to undermine our most fundamental values.


Brandon Smith, Founder of Alt-Market

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