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Sagan XStream Water Filter Straw


Sagan XStream Water Filter Straw

A Better Way to Get Safe Water
Right from a Stream or any Non-Salt Water Source

  • Meets or exceeds the U.S. EPA quality water standards
  • Removes 99.9999% Bacteria, 99.99% Virus, 99.99% Giardia & Cryptosporidium
  • Filters 250 Gallons
  • End-of-Life Tested – No more guessing how long your water filter may or may remain effective
  • 2 Lengths of Straws – No more laying in the mud or water to get a drink from a stream, lake or pond
  • Packs easily in a jacket pocket or backpack

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Product Details
Product Details

Sagan XStream Water Filter Straw

Safe water is the key to life – There is really nothing more important. If you’re an outdoor adventurer or a conscientious prepper, start with safe water. Once you have an effective surefire source for clean water, you can survive.

Most water filtration systems on the market remove only a few certain dangerous elements from your drinking water. Our XStream Water Filter Straw has been rigorously tested and certified by independent water laboratories to remove bacteria, virus, giardia and cryptosporidium for up to 300 gallons.

Sagan's new XStream Water Filter Straw is as simple as it sounds. It's a water filter straw that can be used to safely drink clean, clear water out of any non-salt water source.

The XStream is very light, and easy to carry and pack. We feel we have developed a unique and better way to drink safe water right from a stream, lake, flood area or any surface water source.

The filter has an intuitive design and comes with a 2 foot tube length with a 2 foot extension, for a total of 4 feet. Now you can comfortably drink safe, clean water without laying in the mud!

Sagan XStream Water Filter Straw

End of Life Testing

The New Standard in Water Filtration Systems Testing

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Aqua Veritas has set a new standard to substantiate the claims being made by manufacturers of Microbiological Water Purifier devices. “End of Life Testing" sets the new standard for personal water filter claims.

Visit AquiVeritas' EOL Testing Page for LOTS more information on "End of Life" Testing.

End of Life Testing simply means “testing the water filter over and over again until it’s no longer effective; then measuring the amount of water it successfully filtered.”

The lab takes an assortment of bacteria, virus and other contaminants and dumps them into the testing drums. Then they pass that gross stuff through our Sagan water filters.

After 25 gallons, they measure the results. All clear? Ok, they again spike the water with another huge dose of bacteria, virus, etc. and keep testing the same water filter. The continuously re-contaminate the water after every 25 gallons, and continue testing the same filter.

When the filter being tested is no longer able to provide clean clear water, it's at its "End of Life."

The filter used in our XStream Water Filter Straw is certified to remove bacteria, cryptosporidium and giarda, and virus for up to 300 gallons.

These water filter test results meet or exceed established EPA water quality standards for the removal of:

  • 99.9999% of Bacteria
  • 99.99% of Virus
  • 99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia

Two Basic Criteria Apply:

1. The tests must be performed by QUALIFIED INDEPENDENT WATER LABORATORIES. This means a manufacturer cannot perform its own in-house testing.

2. The lab testing for all Microbiological Water Purifier devices or personal water purification devices include the following tests:

  • The water filter product must be challenged at least every 25 gallons with all the contaminants the product is said to remove for up to the total gallons/liters being claimed.
    For example: If the manufacturer claims the water filter will effectively filter up to 300 gallons, the filter must be challenged every 25 gallons, being re-spiked with the contaminants every 25 gallons and pass the log reduction requirements for up to 300 gallons.
  • The volume of contaminants must be in accordance with the EPA standards for the various micro-organisms being tested.
    For example: Various micro-organisms require more of a “log reduction” than others in order to be safe for human consumption.
  • This “End of Useful Life” or “End of Life” should approximate the true capacity of a personal water filtration product.
  • When the water filter device ceases to meet the EPA log reduction standards for the stated contaminants, it is at it’s “End of Life” and no longer safe to use.

Sagan XStream Water Filter Straw

Ideal for Emergency Preparedness and Outdoor Adventures of Any Kind.

Buy Yours Today!

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