Gator Stun Baton w/ Flashlight



  • Military Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Stun Baton w/ 120 Lumen Flashlight
  • Flashlight Has 3 Modes
  • 70M Volt Stun Gun w/ 4.9mA Output
  • Includes Nylon Holster
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Gator Stun Baton w/ Flashlight

The Gator Stun Baton w/ Flashlight from Safety Technology offers you the protection of a stun gun, a flashlight, and a striking weapon all in a single unit.

The Gator features a bright 120 lumen flashlight with 3 light modes.

When blinding an attacker isn’t enough, the Gator dishes out a whopping 70 million volts shock.

It is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, and with its 13-inch length, the Gator can also be used as a defensive striking tool.

The textured handle ensures you keep a firm grip with each swing. 

We’ve included two rechargeable lithium batteries and a wall charger so you have no need to worry about having to invest in batteries. 

And the Gator also comes with a nylon holster with  to easily carry it on your belt.


  • Stun Gun Boasts a Powerful 70 Million Volts, with 4.9 Milliamps Output
  • Flashlight Is a Super Bright 120 Lumens
  • Flashlight Features 3 Modes:
    Maximum, Medium, or Strobe
  • Constructed of Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • 13-3/4″ Long x 1-1/4″ Wide
  • Nylon Holster Included
  • Lifetime Warranty from Safety Technology

What You Get:

  • Gator Stun Baton w/ Flashlight
  • Two 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Nylon Holster
  • Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty from Safety Technology

Safety Technology Gator Stun Gun w/ Flashlight package

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Shipping Weight1.9 lbs
Shipping Dimensions13.75 × 1.25 × 1.25 in

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