Live Replacement Cartridges for Taser 7CQ (2 Pack)



  • TASER 7CQ Live Replacement Cartridges (2 Pack)
  • TASER Patented Knock-Down Capability
  • Made in USA

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Live Replacement Cartridges for Taser 7CQ (2 Pack)

These live cartridges are the replacement cartridges for the TASER 7CQ, the most effective TASER weapon ever, that is now available for civilians.

Keep these replacement cartridges alongside your TASER weapon so you’re always ready for any eventuality.

What You Get:

  • Taser 7CQ Live Replacement Cartridges (2 Pack).
  • One Year Warranty from Taser
Replacement Cartridges for Taser 7CQ

Restricted Items Notice:

TASER® Products Are Restricted in Some States.

Please See the “TASER Restrictions” Tab (above) for More Information and to Determine if a TASER Is Legal in Your State.

See Our Taser Laws Page for More Information, Or Contact Us for Details.

Shipping Weight0.23 lbs
Shipping Dimensions4.25 × 4.75 × 1.5 in

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Shipping (CEPI)

TASER Restrictions

Restricted Items Notice:

We cannot ship TASER® Products to these locations:
Hawaii ~  Rhode Island ~ Maryland ~ Illinois

The following states require documentation, usually a permit of some sort:
Michigan ~ Massachusetts ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin ~ North Dakota ~ Mississippi

See Our Taser Laws Page for More Information, Or Contact Us for Details.

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