Solo Stove 3 Pot Set

Perfect Companion Pot for All of Our Solo Stoves

  • 3 Compact, Lightweight Pots
  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • One 1.25L Pot / One 1.5L Pot / One 2L Pot
  • Pots Nest Inside Each Other for Compact Storage
  • Includes Universal Lid / Plate
  • Includes Lightweight Aluminum Pot Gripper
  • Includes Black Nylon Stuff Sack w/ Drawstring
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Solo Stove 3 Pot Set

Solo Stove 3 Pot Set on ground
Solo Stove 3 Pot Set cooking
Solo Stove 3 Pot Set cooking2

The Solo Stove 3-Pot Set Is the Perfect Cooking Solution ~
Use with Any Solo Stove Campfire Portable Stoves

The Solo Stove 3 Pot Set is the perfect companion set of pots pot crafted specifically for use with any of our Solo Stove Campfire Portable Stoves.

Made with premium grade 304 stainless steel, the Solo Stove 2 Pot Set is more durable than aluminum pots, and arguably, a safer and healthier choice.

When nested together, the Solo Stove 3 Pot Set is extremely compact and is easily packed away, ready for your next adventure.

The Solo Stove 3 Pot Set features a universal lid that doubles as a plate. We've also included a lightweight aluminum pot gripper, and a black nylon stuff sack with drawstring.

The Solo Stove and the Pots are all manufactured using high-grade 304 stainless steel. The outer shell of the Solo Stove is formed from one piece of stainless steel, with no seams or welds to weaken or break. And the inner firebox and the floating ashpan are also each made of one piece of steel.

The stove's grate is made of Nichrome wire, with a melting point of over 2500° F.

High quality materials and manufacturing assure that you will enjoy years of trouble-free use. And Solo Stoves and Pots come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Solo Stove 3-Pot Set

Solo Stove 3-Pot Set Nested

Solo Stove 3-Pot Set Lid Off

Solo Stove 3-Pot Set
Solo Stove 3-Pot Set
Solo Stove 3-Pot Set
Solo Stove 3-Pot Set

Frequently Asked Questions

What Stove Does This Pot Set Work With?

This is a universal pot set that works great with all of our stoves.

Can Any of Your Stoves Nest Inside the 3 Pot Set?

No. This pot set was not designed with nesting capabilities for our camp stoves.

Is Stainless Steel Better Than Aluminum?

We certainly think so! With concerns that aluminum pots might not be the healthiest option to cook with, we feel that food grade stainless steel is the way to go.

What Are the Sizes of the Three Pots?

The 3-Pot Set Contains One of Each Size: 1.25L Pot, 1.5L Pot, & 2L Pot.

Do the Pots Come with Lids?

All three pots share a universal fit lid that also doubles as a dinner plate. The lid can be lifted using the aluminum pot holder that comes with this pot set.

Does This Pot Come with a Stuff Sack?

Yep! The stuff sack is a great way to keep your pot protected and the rest of your pack clean.