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Streetwise Vaporizer E‑Cigarette Stun Gun


Streetwise Vaporizer Electronic Cigarette Stun Gun

  • Looks Just Like a Real E-Cigarette
  • Shock-Proof Exterior
  • Easy to Carry and Conceal
  • Built-in 1 Watt LED Flashlight
  • Rechargeable ~ Includes USB Charging Cord
  • Safety Switch Prevents Accidental Discharge
  • Lifetime Warranty from Streetwise

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Product Details
Product Details

Streetwise Vaporizer E‑Cigarette Stun Gun (Pink)

Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette tips
Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette on side
Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette in hand
Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette tips
Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette on side
Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette in hand

Protection Is Now Right at Your Fingertip!

Streetwise Security raises the bar once again with the introduction of the Vaporizer: the World's First Electronic Cigarette Stun Gun.

This is our new improved, patented design: the light/stun switch is located on the side of the unit (for quicker access), and the charging port is located underneath the mouthpiece.

The Streetwise Vaporizer 19M Stun Flashlight is designed to look like a common Electronic Cigarette or “E-Cig". It is only about 6.25 inches long but packs the power normally found in units twice its size.

Please note that this is not a real E-Cig, the only “smoking” this unit will do is to the bad guy that gets too close! With this new model protecting yourself is easy – just “Vape and Escape”.

Streetwise Security has been the leading manufacturer of self-defense products for over 25 years and uses advanced technology and top quality materials that can be depended upon to provide you with a lifetime of security and safety.

Just test firing into the air, the loud bright electrical burst is often enough to stop an attacker, and if not a jolt from this unit certainly will!

Even at its small size, it has more power than most of the stun guns on the market today. A 3 to 5 second stun will deliver a high-voltage shock, causing loss of balance and muscle control, disorientation and confusion – enough to stop any further aggressive activity – giving you time to escape the threat.

Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes; there is no permanent harm when used properly.


Discrete Protection: Designed to look like an Electronic Cigarette, this model enables you to catch your attacker off guard and gives you the element of surprise that is often needed to safely defend yourself .

Triple Stun Technology: The electrical charge jumps between three points on the top of the stun gun creating a loud, bright electrical burst.

Easy to Carry and Conceal: At 6.25" long and a diameter slightly larger than a quarter, this unit is easy to carry and conceal.

Shock Proof Exterior: Military Grade aluminum alloy protects the unit from damage so it can always be ready to protect you.

Small & Lightweight: Eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky self-defense product. Ideal for those exercising outdoors or just walking to and from your car.

Bright 1 Watt LED Light: Not only will the flashlight safely illuminate the entire area at night, but it can also help to protect you. When shined in the eyes of an attacker, the ultra-bright light can have a temporary blinding effect making it easy for you to immobilize them with the stun.

Economically & Environmentally Friendly: The stun gun and flashlight are fully rechargeable and the light bulb has a life of up to 100,000 hours.

No Slip Grip: Etched ribbed handle ensures a firm grip.

Safety Feature: In order to prevent accidental discharge a safety switch is discreetly located on the side of the unit.

Rechargeable: The included USB cord allows you to charge the Vaporizer using your computer or home outlet using the standard wall block (included).

Lifetime Warranty: This unit is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty.

What You Get:

  • Streetwise Vaporizer Electronic Cigarette 19M
  • USB Recharging Cord
  • Wall Block for Charging
  • Instructions
  • Lifetime Warranty from Streetwise

*Actual voltage is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to be 19,000,000 or more volts. See our F.A.Q. for more detailed information on voltage ratings.

Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette package
Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette package2 Streetwise Vaporizer E-Cigarette package2
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