TASER Performance Power Magazine (PPM) for X2 and X26P

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TASER Performance Power Magazine (PPM) for X2 and X26P

  • TASER C2 Replacement Lithium Power Magazine (LPM)
  • Made in USA

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Product Details
Product Details

TASER Performance Power Magazine (PPM) for X2 and X26P

Taser X2 X26 Performance Power Magazine

Performance Power Magazine (PPM) for Taser X2 & X26

These black replacement cartridges contain probes, conductive wires, serialized tags and nitrogen propulsion.

With a range of up to 15 feet, the TASER patented take down technology is designed to cause an attacker to lose coordinated movement of muscles, allowing you critical time to escape to safety.

Once you deploy the cartridge or when your TASER is not loaded, it has powerful capabilities as a direct contact stun device, which further protects your safety.

Send the right message to any would-be attacker: You Will Not Be A Victim!

With our advanced technologies and features, the TASER is the ultimate personal defense weapon.

One Year Warranty on TASER & Cartridges; 90 Day Warranty on Accessories.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on any TASER used in self defense in the U.S. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you must use your TASER to protect yourself or your loved ones and leave your TASER at the scene, TASER will replace your unit free of charge. (Contact TASER for more details on their guarantee.)


  • Fits the TASER X2 and X26P Self-Defense Tools
  • Durable Lithium Power Magazine
  • Battery Lasts up to 50 Consecutive Firings
  • Non-rechargeable
  • Made in the USA

What You Get:

  • TASER Performance Power Magazine (PPM)
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