More Shortages, Higher Prices

More Shortages at the Meat Counter Shelves


Supply Chain Breakdowns = More Shortages

More Shortages = Higher Prices

Higher Prices = More Breakdowns

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As I spoke about in an earlier post, supply chain breakdowns are beginning to result in more shortages across the entire spectrum of goods (and services) in nearly every sector of our economy.

Some of these shortages are quite obvious; some are not yet as evident. And which ones you see may depend on your geographic location as well as the climate you’re in.

We’ll be delving much deeper into this in future posts. There is much to say, and it’s been a long time in the making.

Today’s message, however, will be short, and hopefully, sweet.

As I also mentioned in my earlier post, our primary food supplier, Legacy Premium Foods, has been dealing with and working around the disruption in their supply chain for nearly two years.

And only recently, in October of this year, they were finally forced to increase their prices. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a huge increase, but an increase nonetheless.

As an authorized dealer for Legacy products, we are obliged to follow their MAP pricing guidelines. Which means any product on our site must reflect their minimum price for that item. We cannot display a price lower than their MAP (minimum advertised price).

However, we are allowed to offer discounts to an item’s price — coupons, if you will — that adjust the price of the item once it is in your shopping cart.

And that is precisely what we are doing.

For a limited time, we are offering substantial discounts on Legacy Food Products to our new and existing customers.

To take advantage of these instant coupon discounts, simply head over to our Legacy Premium Food Storage Page, add some goodies to your cart, and the discount(s) will be automatically applied to your cart totals.

The discounts are algorithmically generated — spend $XX, get YY% off — and are calculated based on specific products and/or categories.

It’s difficult for me to explain — I grew up with slide rules and un-electric typewriters — but the values of the coupons are substantial.

5%, 10%, 15%, up to 25% Off!

Yep, That’s Substantial!

So Head over to our Legacy Premium Product Pages and Take Advantage of Your Savings Today!

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