Supply Chain Breakdowns = An Everything Shortage?

Broken Link in the Supply Chain

It was a dark and stormy night …
Suddenly, nothing happened.
Or so it seemed.

The future looms ominously in our paths …
People look about, but see nothing out of the ordinary.
Or so it appears.

Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
Just because you may not believe something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

A Cursory Look into the Supply Chain

Our economy, and ultimately our entire society, depends on myriad systems that operate behind the scenes to keep everything working smoothly. One of those systems, of course, is the supply chain: how goods are produced and transported in a timely manner so when you go to the grocery store, for example, the items you’re seeking are magically available on the shelves. These days, we call that “Just In Time” delivery.

When the supply chain is working properly, life remains good.
When the supply chain is not working, life gets real bad. Real fast.

The time between a working and a non-working supply chain is variable. Sometimes it breaks suddenly, like during a major storm. When that happens, it is usually repaired in a reasonably short time and things get back to normal rather quickly.

Sometimes, on the other hand, the failure of the system is a slow and ongoing process, that builds gradually. In this case, the resulting shortages may not be immediately noticed. But over time, more and more items become less and less available.

We’ve seen these occurrences recently as container ships remain backlogged offshore, outside of entry ports.

Of course, there are many other factors that  impact the functioning of the supply chain as well: fuel prices, available transport workers, available craftsmen to produce finished goods, available employees at the retail outlets. The list is long and varied.

But a breakdown in any of the critical areas will have a negative impact on the overall system. The more areas that are affected, the greater the noticeable impact.

And as one area is impacted, other areas become more vulnerable to the influences of those other areas’ shortages. And thus, the spiral begins, and continues.

And it seems to me that this is where we are today.

Stuff is happening behind the scenes, and is having its effects on our lives; but we’re told to look the other way, and please don’t mention what you suspect to anyone. Just stay calm, and believe in the future. We’ll take care of it for you. So say our leaders and the media.

Trust me, they are lying.

In a recent article entitled These Dangers Loom Over The Fragile U.S. Economy In The Next 12 Months, Brandon Smith of Alt-Market wrote about some of the primary causes of the continuing decline of our economic, social and political systems. He explains his rationale in thinking we are surely at a cross-road, with fewer and fewer options available to us.

His synopsis and conclusions regarding some of the most immediate dangers in the next 12 months:

  • We are at an impasse
  • Covid unemployment boost is ending (but it’s already too late)
  • Stagflation is becoming undeniable
  • The Eviction Moratorium is ending and there is nothing the CDC can do about it
  • Vaccine passports will be the death rattle of small businesses
  • America’s economy will be annihilated

If you’re not familiar with Brandon, I strongly recommend that you visit his site, and read some of his work. He is a liberty-minded activist with a brilliant minde and a quick wit. His ability to explain, in understandable language, the workings of social and economic systems, and their effect on our lifestyles is insightful, informative, and at times enraging.

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Supply Chain Breakdowns = An Everything Shortage

As I have said to friends and family alike, what you believe will happen doesn’t really matter. What is going to happen is going to happen, regardless of your beliefs.

It is not a matter of belief at all; it is a matter of simple progression: what is going to happen is going to happen, which is predicated upon what has happened before. (Some sort of quote comes to mind about not learning from history and being bound to repeat it …)

We are on the brink of experiencing the results of years of bad policies, decisions and actions. And I’m not sure ‘on the brink’ is the right way to put it.

We are experiencing those results in our current time. We are witnessing economic declines, social breakdowns, political absurdity. And nowhere to be found is a viable solution to this spiral.

Sometimes I think it’s because the policy and decision makers are neither bright nor capable; and that is probably true. Other times I think it’s because the policy and decision makers have designed it to be this way. And that is probably also true. Either way, it doesn’t really matter.

Whether they are inept and incapable, or inherently evil and malicious — they are unfit to serve in any capacity, be it in politics, law enforcement or the media.

The shit is gonna hit — has been hitting — the fan for quite some time now.  The blades are spinning at a breakneck pace while those unfit, inept, malicious sycophants and political puppets keep dumping more goo onto the device.

And we, the deplorable peons, stand in front of the fan and endure the splatter, as they tell us that this is our new normal; that this is not unusual; that this is okay, because, well, because they say so.

This is what they say it takes to “build back better.”

Well, I for one, don’t think so. Not today, Scooter.

Supply Chain link breaking

All of this does not bode well. Not at the moment, and not into the near future. What seems like a lull in the storm, is actually the calm before it.

Legacy Premium Foods has been working diligently to maintain their inventory levels and get their food produced, packaged and shipped in a reasonable time frame.

As an authorized dealer for them, I think they’re doing a fantastic job.

Yet, their fulfillment times have increased dramatically.

In “normal” times, we used to see a three to five day window between order receipt and that order being shipped. Now, we are looking at two to three weeks to fulfill those orders.

But, thankfully, supplies seem to be stable at the moment. It’s just a matter of the time needed to fill existing orders.

And, unfortunately, we have also seen price increases at Legacy.

But that’s totally understandable in this inflationary / stagflationary time. When the gov’t printing presses (albeit digital these days) resemble helicopter blades spurting out bucks, and those folks willing to work demand near-executive level salaries, prices will indeed increase.

But there is some good news:

For a limited time, we at KnightOwl are offering substantial discounts on Legacy Food Products to our new and existing customers.

To take advantage of these instant coupon discounts, simply head over to our Legacy Premium Food Storage Page, add some goodies to your cart, and the discount(s) will be automatically applied to your cart totals.

The discounts are algorithmically generated — spend $XX, get YY% off — and are calculated based on product and/or category.

It’s difficult for me to explain — I grew up with slide rules and un-electric typewriters — but the values of the coupons are substantial.

5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and even 25% off … Yep, that’s substantial.

Take Advantage Today!

So, in closing, my humble advice:

  1. Get educated on what’s really going on, who the players are, and what they’re playing for.
  2. Invest your fiat currency in hard assets, commodities that you can actually use to survive. Of course, food comes to mind, but there are many many more items that you should probably have on hand.
  3. Stay calm and keep a quiet soul. Don’t get caught up in the manufactured mania. It’s designed to distract and confuse you. Maybe turn off your TV.

While writing this, I took a break to percolate a pot of coffee. Through the kitchen window, I watched a young fox gracefully trot across the hillside, hunting for his lunch.

He sniffed around a few tree stumps, found nothing, then lay down in a spot of sunshine to soak up some warmth.

I won’t be so bold to say he didn’t have a care in the world; but I will say that he had his priorities in order.

He exuded the confidence of knowing he’s got the skills necessary to find a meal. He was wise enough to take advantage of the sunshine as it warmed a chilly fall day. And he was living totally in the present moment.

Stuff we humans would do well to strive for.

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